Baltic Bakehouse offers a limited but high quality range of bread and baked goods to wholesale customers, if you'd like to enquire about using our products please email

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Baltic Wild

Our signature sourdough, made with a combiation of locally milled stone ground high extraction flour from Walk Mill and white Mathews Cotswold flour. Slowly risen overnight and baked fresh each day. 800g.


White Bloomer

A large white bloomer, made with yeast and slow fermented for over 12 hours, free of additives and preservatives. 1250g


Wholemeal Bloomer

Our yeast brown bloomer, made with 60% wholemeal flour, risen with yeast for at least 12 hours, 1250g


Burger Buns

A proper burger bun, made with eggs and butter, not food colouring and veg oil. 60g


Breakfast Pastries

Croissants, Danish Pastries, Pain au Chocolate and Pain au Raisin. Laminated pastries made with speicalist french butter. The best in Liverpool.



We supply a range of filled doughnuts; Jam, custard, chocolate, lemon cream, blackberry cream. As well as topped doughnuts including double choc brownie, 99 doughnuts, peanutbutter cup etc. We can also supply unfilled doughnuts if you'd like to come up with your own fillings.